Pete was born in Gloucester, 1979.

Lives in West Oxfordshire, UK.

After graduating in 2002 Pete explored a variety of creative avenues individually and collaboratively across painting, mixed media and printmaking.

Since 2018 the production of work has been concerned primarily with the act / process of painting. The aim is to arrive at a conclusion that displays a journey which the viewer can connect with, exploring the surface with their own eyes. In contrast to the world where everything is fast and people want instant gratification the works are an opportunity to stop and focus. Pete will work across various pieces at the same time allowing for time to reflect. Coming back to them with fresh eyes. Paint is applied by brush, palette knife and anything else that may give the desired outcome. Varying levels of Impasto are achieved with the addition of cold wax. At times the paint may be heavily diluted to produce a semi transparent finish. The process of adding and subtracting from the surface is a conflict that produces uncertainty as to the eventual outcome.

During 2021 Pete began producing a series of Mixed Media pieces on paper taking natural subjects as the catalyst. See the Blenheim Drawings.

Pete is a Lecturer and since 2008 has worked with students across a broad range of creative practices.

He has shown work in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol, London, Brighton and in 2013 was shortlisted at the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition.

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